Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Not all russians are bad

Yeah, I said it. Those Ruskies that send many-a-noob running in the opposite direction aren't as mean and scary as they are made out to be.

A few days ago my corporation and I moved out of our C4 WH. Logistics was tough and my game-time is going to take a hit come January when I start my 4 month practical within the classroom. So it was decided that we would move out and take a break from pressures of WH-Space.

On our way out, we came across a C2 that connected to our C4 static as well as to empire. We wasted no time scouting the system out and start moving parts and ships back to empire. On one of my trips through I noticed a mastadon on scan that was not there prior and decided that in one of my final days in WH-Space I would disregard the rules and speak in local. As I passed through I called out in local "Hey, we're just moving shit, not looking for a fight so won't shoot you if you are also moving things". A few minutes later I get a chat request, it opens and I get hit with some russian. It's funny that I can actually recognize russian now because before I played EVE I would not have been able to do that. So I grab for the online translator and enter into my first russian conversation over the interwebs.

As horrible as some of these websites work, getting the response "we will not shoot" is pretty darn hard to get wrong, so I figured that this is indeed what the russian had intended to communicate and so we kept moving ships and parts at pace with just a few Dscan checks while we did so. There were a few things that happened, he would ask me if x-ship was mine, I would confirm or deny and I also relayed intel to him about a cloaky that entered system from empire and that I would try and kill them if they did not belong to him etc. The conversation was very agreeable on both sides and we got a lot done.

Now, some people may think that heck he may not have been able to do anything anyways, but there was a carrier and a dread at his POS and his character was several years old with an impressive killboard, so I feel it's safe to say, he was a decent guy keeping his word.

Anyways, I've been wanting to make this post for a few days now but just haven't gotten around to it, two papers and finals to get done before monday!

Also, none of my characters are in WH-Space right now... it felt really weird to realize that as I entered Empire with the last of my toons.. it felt even more weird to close my dscan window on 3 clients.. It has literally been months since I've had that closed on all clients simultaneously, which is probably why I personally suffered zero loss of ships or pods (except when we got trigger happy and I lost a dram in a suicide rush, but I was WELL AWARE of what I was doing haha) in our home system (dram loss was 3 jumps over).

Fly safe everyone, I'm back in empire, moved to Amarr space with a few friendly corporations and are trying out the empire alliance thing. This Black Mark Alliance bit is really catching my eye though, I'll run it by the guys.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hidden Microphones

All this time I've sort of felt like I was talking in an empty room with these blog posts. I forget that there are ways to track the blog without showing as following in the blogger interface.

I took a look at the stats section of the blogger dashboard and for the first time I saw some of the traffic the blog has caught. Kirith Kodachi gave some encouragement today from the #tweetfleet and spurred my checking the stats. I had no idea there were as many hits to my blog as there are, I don't know where the microphones are hiding in this room but I'll feel less like nobody is listening now that I know they're there :)

Kinda makes me think of this XKCD comic.

My HTML skills are borderline non-existent so bear with me as I learn to properly link images and other blogs with some efficiency. Feel free to leave any tips if you have found some shortcuts to making that easier when blogging.

I are a sponge for advice

(Yah! Added first picture, I feel more intelligent suddenly)

Eve is changing, how are you preparing?!

Incarna is just around the corner and a few weeks later on December 14th we can expect to see massive amounts of SP poured into more useful skills all around New Eden. Learning skills are going out the window!!

In CCP's latest blog they've let us know that they are removing the learning skills as they are a nuisance to new players who have to grind for a month in order to get their SP gain rate up to a reasonable level. I for one approve CCP's move as I have a relative who got tired of the learning skills in the first few weeks and left the game. I also approve because it's going to instantly give me my second orca alt :) Or something else really nice. I'm not totally settled yet on what I'm going to do, but I've got 3 accounts with 3 characters who will have more than 2mil SP to insert wherever I want to on December 14th.

As soon as I saw the blog I started training logic lvl 5 on all of my characters, I'm relatively new to the game, all toons with less than 12mil SP, so I'm int+mem mapped for all of them in favor of tackling those pesky support skills. Int+Mem means that logic is my fastest SP/hr learning skill, which will allow me to map a maximum amount of SP into my Perception and Willpower skills seeing as I want to hold off on the remap for a few more months to take care of some serious skilling.

One character I'm going to get into a T3 right away, my hauler alt.. I honestly don't know yet. If I go back to nullsec soon I may train her the last skills I need for Jump Hauler, or make her into a nice explorer for extra isk during her slow days in empire. My orca/hulk pilot... No idea on that one haha, might get them into a Battleship and run missions when not mining. The possibilities are pretty profound but... they are for everyone else too! So that bring another question.

What will happen when thousands of pilots suddenly get 1-5million "free" SP to put wherever they want? I'm expecting sudden ridiculous demands for T3 and T2 ships, carebears are going to stop flying T2 BSes and start flying marauders in their missions. More miners are going to be pimping their mining vessels with T2 crystals, and PVPers are going to get a month ahead (at least) on their long-term training goals.

Will there be enough T2 stuff for us all? I fully expect prices to go very very nuts from Dec 14th on. My advice? Buy whatever ship you're aiming for ahead of time, before the price doubles. Oh, and mine your asses off and save your ores. Noobs in Carriers are gonna give us all a lot of mineral orders to fill!!

Gotta get some school work done but I felt bad about not posting for a while. Will try to blog more after exams. Be living with my parents for a couple months after Christmas since my work will be near their home community, should allow me some time to blog.

Fly smart!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Kicking gas.. and Tengus vained.

I ask this question because I am forever finding myself so busy in EVE that I sometimes (ok often times) neglect my room, home, and studies in order to organize, help out, and make isk for plex.

Right now I'm mining gas in a neighboring WH with another corp member, between the two of us we're fielding an orca, myrm, brutix, vaga and a gila. With backup ships in the orca for salvage and fast tackle.

But wait... brb.

Wow.. what started as a slow day mining gas in our static turned into a pretty interesting event. We spotted scanner probes on dir. and loaded the miners into the orca, warped to safe and cloaked up. From here we grabbed a prober and I ran for my trust dram :) my fellow corp-mate provided me a quick warp-to and I landed and got tackle on a Tengu!!.. before backup arrived however another Tengu popped out of the WH behind the one I had tackled.. 2 Tengu vs 1 Dram.... shit.

They had tackle on me quickly and with my overview in camp mode (just WHs and Ships show) the only thing I could do quickly was burn for the WH and jump.

This was followed by me jumping around their system watching dscan and making safes while watching our statics dscan from the orca. At this point in time I'm at 46% structure and flying around without a cloak in a hostile WH lol. Now we're geared up! One Tengu pilot warps away to grab what I assume to be a disco-raven. while he's away I make a break for it past the lone tengu still guarding the WH. Success!! Dramiel is safe in our system again and we're leaving the two tengus alone. Would have made this post more interesting but the turn of events has put me much farther behind in my studies than I would like...

3 hours till our Carrier finishes building :) Extremely pumped!

Even though the pvp was something we ended up stepping away from, we still made 58mil isk each on the gas.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

iClone Lite!

For a while I haven't been looking for an iPhone/Touch app for checking skills, I've been using iClone (the full version) for some time now but if I'm just checking skills it's a bit cumbersome, takes a long time to go through its sync, and generally crashes for me :S.

Good news though! Last night I checked the apps list and lo and behold, an iClone Lite! I've already got it on with my 3 APIs. Those of you suffering severely from the loss of Capsuleer I highly recommend this app. It's not quite as intuitive as capsuleer and you might have to add some numbers to get your full queue length but it works and it doesn't take 6 minutes to sync.

Includes a map and jump planner.

When updating APIs on it using safari, stretch the select box only over the yellow text of the API, if you select the whole box like you would have done in capsuleer it will not recognize it on the clipboard, this works with both limited and full APIs, though I'm not sure if there's a point in using a full API with this one since it doesn't track assets etc.

I'm back to the grind, three presentations this week and much much more besides for the next few. Pardon my absence but a guy's gotta get edumecated!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Still at it

Life in eve is busy, unfortunately so is life in the real world, and so now I'm busy in two lives and wow does it ever put a lot on ones plate.

The Corp is doing great and we're hours away from the formation of an alliance in which our Corp is going to be one if the founding fathers. I'm looking forward to hosting more pilots and corporations in our wh operation, and I think everyone else is too.

Going stir crazy? Open a static! A few nights ago while seeking a path to empire we stumbled upon and made short work of a few faction warfare players from old man star who thought they would make some iskies in a wh.

These guys were serious wh-noobs, they may have a clear understanding of normal space tactics, but in a wh things are different. We were able to assess them, watch, travel to fit a few pew pew ships from our wh and return to find them still dinking out sites and ignoring dscan (which would have shown a dramiel, drake, and harbinger if they bothered to check it). I was in the dram and narrowed down the exact site using dscan, F11, and the solar system view. I kid you not I landed on them in the first site I warped to without using combat probes. Speed tanked the myrm and Dominix easily but the drake was slowly tearing my armor off, switched primary to the drake from the Dom and down it went! Somehow between warp out and one of our pilots missing point we lost the dom as it warped out but continued to destroy and pod the myrm pilot.

Not as good as it could have been but was just the sort of adventure we needed.

A few days later we run into a Japanese alliance who had recently taken a beating, took some pot shots at a pos in system that was offline and went back to our wh shortly after.

Doing my best to stay on top of school work and also maintain empire logistics.

Class is coming to an end, now I get to go and finish some assignments. Maybe by Friday I'll have a chance to run more ores out of the wh.

Love my iPod :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Blog banter #22 where does blood runs thickest?

Welcome to the twenty-second installment of the EVE Blog Banter, the monthly EVE Online blogging extravaganza created byCrazyKinux. The EVE Blog Banter involves an enthusiastic group of gaming bloggers, a common topic within the realm of EVE Online, and a week or so to post articles pertaining to the said topic. The resulting articles can either be short or quite extensive, either funny or dead serious, but are always a great fun to read! Any questions about the EVE Blog Banter should be directed tocrazykinux@gmail.com. Check for other EVE Blog Banter articles at the bottom of this post!

This month topic is brought to us by L'Dene Bean of Nitpickin's who asks: Why, and how did you pick your corporation? Is your loyalty solid or just until a better placed organization "recruits" you. The shorter version: Who holds your Unshakable Fealty and why?

As usual I'm posting from my iPod when I should be paying more attention to what is around me.

This is my first blog banter post, and it's fitting as this is a topic that I find important for everyone I fly with. Please overlook random colors, there is no editor in the mail app.

Loyalty, it differs for everyone, mine is with my Corp, for as long as I am able to afford to play eve. I have left corps for more profitable waters in order to purchase plex via isk. That said I have always returned to my roots, nullsec corps can be rather draining on my limited time and less enjoyable, so previously my stays in null haven't lasted more than a few months. I'm not built for constant CTA's or to be on two separate comms at once constantly, that's just a bad idea really.

These days I'm stable on my plex purchases so I did return to my empire alliance (and was kicked out, a story for another day). Now I'm running my third wh op with a very capable group, managing a c4 wh and shipping parts in and out for needs and profit. Having multiple accounts and scanner alts is a huge asset... Getting side tracked.

Back to the banter, loyalty is one of the highest qualities I look for in a player, that and honesty. I'm as loyal as a dog almost, but screw me over and I'll obviously take the hint.

I'm not into Corp theft or back stabbing, though I've considered it as a profitable venture. If I do something that negatively effects a member, I try to right the wrong and if I can't then I offer my head for the chopping block.

A player who can turn their back on you on a moments notice is not one I would bring into a wh. Wh's survive on trust and loyalty. They are what I seek, and what I offer

EDIT:Sorry for the linklessness of my post, Sent from the ipod, and killed all the formatting from blogger. I'll figure this stuff out eventually.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

WH-Dwellers Reunion

</sign_on ~ user:haun pass:********>
One can spend too much time in their pod, and for this reason I've ensured that on any ship that I can, I modify it with the equipment necessary to allow me to leave the capsule during times of extended inactivity.

Once in a wormhole, without mining supplies or the skills necessary to fly a capital sizes ship, there really isn't a lot to do with ones spare time when the Corp is in downtime. Logic should carry you to the conclusion; I am not in my pod.

In my private quarters I take breaks from the moisture of pod-goo, watch movies and relax. It gives one time to reflect on past events. This evening, morning, how the hell do you tell in a wormhole? This moment in time my thoughts are on the reunion of the members currently docked up or similarly cloaked in-system (I don't dock up often, I like to keep my ship off the radar).

Our crew is now made up of many different pilots who have gone separate ways multiple times and many months ago. Today, I consider it a matter of pride and fortune that these pilots are again flying with me and taking the risks in unknown space.

This part of the universe is uncertain in every way except it's consistent capability for destruction. I would wake up tomorrow the chimes of damage notifications, I could wake up and be involved in making many hundreds of millions of isk with my corpmates. Nobody knows but we try to keep our eyes open for hostiles.

I'll need to write some biographies, I'll get on it soon. Gives me something to do while overseeing mining or waiting for the inevitable collapse of a wormhole.

<*file encrypting... ... .. sign off complete*
<*you have a priority message*
<*sender: admiral griggs*

Someday I'll work on this AI's access to mics in my new quarters
</call maintenance>

Optional patch #5 fail

Bad enough that they reach number 5 but now to have it fail and require to be disabled.... Wow CCP, just wow.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Keeping the habit

Now that I am actually posting on the go from iPod sometimes I'm trying to maintain the habit of blogging.

This ones short as my eyes are burning from a long day of working with computers and bad lighting but I'll just say that damn is it ever good to be back in wormhole space, some friends have gotten together and we're actually in line now to be one of the founding corps for an alliance. A pure industrial and two wormhole corps for starters. Contacts in each Corp are strong and we're just waiting on the necessary skills to finish up now before it becomes official. Pretty exciting times and if anyone has some advice on alliance leadership (not CEO) please drop your two cents my way. I'm new to that idea but very excited.

Fly safe

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Oh unknown beyond... It's good to be home.

"Clear, haul ass!!", the message received I let the Iteron V fall into the wormholes gravity well only to be spit out the other side.

Several seemingly blind wormhole "jumps" later we arrive in our new home. It's good to be back. The team and I are no strangers to wormhole space, but it had been some time since we ha occupied one. Our last venture in a class 2 system ended with a war between hostile forces and the mercs who were hired to cover our evacuation.

Sure we're capsulers but we still have our pride, and I wasn't going to let some barbarian spacemen take my men without taking heavy losses themselves. The cost of hiring the mercs was more than the value of assets evacuated but given the chance I'd do it again the same way.

But that was before, I've since returned to empire, moved to nullsec, and returned again to empire. Nullsec is a busy place, even busier when PL is knocking on your hull.

The new Corp is very capable, and the space we now reside in is rife with possibilities that only a few of us truly understand. And the atmosphere is different too, I've appointed several directors and we've all flown together enough that i'd trust them with the keycard to my Jovian credit account. each of us knows the other on a very personal level, recruitment is based on the words of a mate and accountability is high.... Trying to write in character on an iPod while falling asleep? Is fail.

Anyways, yeah, i'm back in a wormhole and it feels great! Organization and capabilities have increased drastically as well as revenue :). The future is bright in our new C4 wolf-rayet. Which we found totally at random while attempting to move into a completely different wh. Just goes to show how quickly things can change in unknown space.

A sad day.

I've just deleted capsuleer from my iPod and am taking a moment of silence for the app....

I was taking my usual break from study to check on my skills and wallet balance and it finally sunk in that capsuleer won't be the medium through which I do that anymore. You will be missed.

Stay tuned for a post relating to my re-entry into wormhole space. Just let me finish another exam and a few assignments lol. I'll make those posts in character I think, I enjoyed writing in character before.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Test blog from my iPod

So I'm just checking out my ability to post using my iPod. Please leave a comment too on any of my posts so I can see how my iPod deals with seeing and responding to them.

When I'm home I'm usually preoccupied and have more pressing things to do besides check blogs but here on campus I distract myself often :) thanks to anyone who comments!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Breifly, why i haven't posted much

I read the blogs while on the go via my iPod Touch. So typically I'm not in the position to write on the tiny little screen for any length of time. It's bad enough I read during university lectures, but typing posts would probably see my marks reduced :P

School is getting busy again, which means I'll be cooped up in the library for hours on end and will need the "study break" here and there. Maybe my posting will actually increase due to my added school load haha, funny how that works.

Anyways, I'm spamming my blog so I'll stop, hoping it'll get me back in the mood for regular posts.

Capsuleer, say it ain't so...

I've been following eve-blogs and my characters skill progression via the iPhone app, Capsuleer, for some time now. I've found it invaluable and it is going to be very very hard to replace.

I've followed Seismic Stan's advice today from Freebooted and have setup an RSS application that uses google reader settings and will be keeping up with the eve blog pack that way. The only other application I've seen that is capable of tracking character skills like Capsuleer does is iClone. iClone had a huge database on eve items, ships, and systems. It's a great app, but it's bulky. If I want to know what my wallet balance is, I need to wait for the whole system to sync, that means waiting on all skills, all characters, all asset/pos changes and a few other things that iClone tracks and syncs with.. This is painful to wait for when you're just checking skills.

The application I'm using to track the blogs is MobileRSS. I've never used it before but it only took a few minutes to setup and subscribe to the whole blog pack. I like that I can easily e-mail myself the post link or just open the post in safari and respond. I've not been one to respond often to blogs, but now that I'm being forced to leave capsuleer behind I believe I will be doing so.

Ideally CCP would work with the creators and allow for capsuleer to continue functioning.. but at the very least they should not continue to flat-out ignore contact with Capsuleer as it is to my understanding they are.

Capsuleer will be missed, thank you Seismic Stan for reminding me to get another source of blog reading, that reminded me of my own blogs and I'll be working on my own return to the blogosphere.

That's all for this one, maybe I'll send an (IC) post soon.

Fly dangerous!

O-sht, gotta get back on the blog

I've been away for far too long, so many things have happened it's difficult to cover it all but I'll try and do so without rambling on my first post in months.

I'm back in empire from my few-month stint in 0.0. Zero is very cool, and someday when I have much more SP than I currently have I believe I will make my return. The corporation I joined was Black Aces, formerly from AAA C, then to En Garde, and finally to -A-, the corp has had its ups and downs and has some great pilots. Even though I no longer wave the same flag I still have a great deal of respect for many of the current and ex-Black Aces pilots.

Joining -A- was not something I had initially anticipated when joining Black Aces, the added requirements were a bit much for me to handle (being on two different voice comms server constantly is a bad idea imo), and add all the action that's been taking place in Catch and Stain this past month, it's just too much for a less-than-10mil-SP character to handle.

Long periods of time under siege may work for many eve players, but for one who relies on isk->plex for their gametime (like myself), long bouts of low-income just don't work. That may cause me to have a slightly nomadic employment history. I need to go where the isk is based on necessity :P so shoot me.

In my search for sources of isk I've dipped my hand into a few different sectors, I've trained one character to fly an orca as well as train exhumer lvl 5. Remapped to Int+Mem and am working on support skills and aiming for perfect refining as well as the ability to use T2 mining crystals. This is a toon I plan on keeping for as long as I am playing eve. When I return to nullsec having my own intake of minerals and ability to manufacture my own things will be invaluable.

I have a third toon.. a trader who has recently started flying an obelisk.. Handy to have for sure, but the cost per month in grinding for plex is forcing me to reconsider the necessity of such a character. 2 weeks training on trade skills with another character should give me enough skills to handle my own market necessities. And unless I'm running an alliance... I don't see the need for a personal obelisk pilot.

Trading can be profitable, but it requires time and attention just as much as any other eve activity. There isn't the risk of afking and losing your ship to rats or other players, but when you need 13mil isk per day just to break even on owning the account.. it can require time and resources that a non-top-of-the-line machine and player can't afford. At present I've got about 34 days of gametime left on the trader/obelisk pilot and I plan on selling this character at the end of that period.

Heading back to my roots at the present time, WH-Space. I've sold two of my first characters and am back to a lower SP character but with plenty of real experience and non-SP skills. I've made many strong bonds with players during my travels and I'm ready to lead my second WH-op with a new corp and a few very experienced players that I've met over the previous months. We started in a C2 early in my eve career and are now aiming at taking hold of a C4 WH and building capitals immediately. If you're going to do something hard and risky, you may as well do it right. I'll have my industrial character setup inside with ammo BPOs and a covetor. We don't connect to known space regularly so we'll need to have a gameplan and things are coming together from all directions.

Seeing as I'm heading back into the space I was born, I hope I'll have more to blog about in the weeks to come. We don't always have something to do in a WH anyways, so on days when I'm not under siege, reaping in heaps of isk, or mining and spamming D-scan I'll figure out some time to write here.

I still have more to say.. but this one needs a new post I think.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Yet more changes, but very good changes!

Ever since I began traversing WHs I've thought about it as a transition and training ground for nullsec. This past week and a half has seen some interesting developments for my own characters in terms of getting me to nullsec.

Even though we have currently moved out of our WH, I like to keep tabs on it, sometimes very close tabs. One such time when I was watching the empire connection an Anathema popped it's nose in, popped back out, and popped back in.

Seems like something I would do if the WH looked interesting, I hate the idea of losing the WH so in interests of intimidation (with no grounds, talking from a covops ship) I open a convo.

Conversation went well, hinted intimidations were working out and whilst the pilot was alt-tabbed on another account, I managed to save his ass by letting him know on his other character that his first character to arrive in system was under attack by a Manticore that had also randomly shown up.

Normally in such an event I would quietly approach and loot the wreck upon explosion, laugh it off and claim responsibility for such actions (feeds the intimidation aspect, I was already talking to him from multiple accounts at this time). BUT! I was talking to him from a character who's honesty is actually something of value as I regularly deal with word-of-mouth transactions in large isk-quantity. I have my own insurance policies in place though and have never had to resort to such actions. Long story short, I was playing my diplomatic card.

Anyways, due to my being so easy to get along with, compounded with the fact that I did just save his ship from the goodness of my heart (isn't that how all eve players do it?... rofl) we've kept in contact. And my application has been accepted into his nullsec corporation!

I haven't entirely left my WH corp, I still have my industrial-drone-boater pilot as the CEO there but my combat character and combat alt-in-training are on their way to nullsec! Stasis finishes tonight and the recruiter should be on shortly after the timer runs down to accept my application. I'm pretty frigging pumped as you can imagine.

I don't know how involved I'll end up becoming in politics, but I'll take my time in terms of "taking the initiative" in my new home, I've already spotted a few of their recent recruits who need to stfu and let the big boys handle things.

Very excited about the new home! Can't wait to be that "in corp for 1 day" bait ship, mwahahahaha.

now.. back to making a presentation for rl-uni.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Diplomacy and Standings

My little devil and player is doing well for herself. The drake is proving to be a very well tanked ship as we all know and I am working on finishing the furnishings in terms of T2 fitting my whole tank.

I keep a regular watch on WHs as you can imagine with my WH-Dwellers blog, and have come across a few AAA Citizens who are looking to borrow the system to farm it out. Fine by me as long as in the future the system is indeed returned to mine and my gangs control.

Oh yes, the gang is growing :) alts and some mains from everywhere in eve, and from multiple alliances. The future looks bright, and I've been offered to roam with A-Citizens... I had to think about this for a bit, but I think I will setup a jumpclone in their stomping grounds asap and will setup a drake there for their roams.

Coincidentally, the same corp that is offering is a corp I applied to during my early days of eve, when a corp I was in fell apart from absent leadership and I sought a new home. This could be my chance to get into that new home!

I've since settled down into a couple alliances (different accounts so no known affiliations) and am pretty active in the leadership, so thinking about this AAA roaming and possible future home is a pretty big deal. I definitely want to get into null, and I'd still be able to maintain ties with one of the alliances for sure.

Just need these skills to speed up at this point so I can run out there and prove myself!

Who knows what the future holds?!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Empire Hooliganisms

Ok, so being in a very carebeary alliance is great and all, but I have this side of me, a mean side, that just wants to get out and reek destruction on New Eden.

Thus I have created an alternate character who shall have no ties to my main's alliance, and consequently is not held back by standards, rules or morals. This character is Haunting Widow.

I've finished my learning skills (tier 1 all at lvl 5, tier 2 all at lvl 4) and am now working on combat skills. My focus is going to be stealth bombers and other missile launching goodness. This character shall serve a dual-purpose, mission-running isk for my account in order to maintain my main's position in the WH, and as a release from rules and niceties.

I have an orca alt in-training, I should be able to pilot one in a little over 5 weeks. With an orca at my fingertips, I believe just about everyone at suddenly ninja's knows what sort of advantages I'll have then with my empire hooliganisms.

Right now is the boring part, waiting for skills, getting some standings, and avoiding necessary school-related research.

My time between classes is coming to a close, I do hope I manage to keep a semi-regular cycle going soon with my blogging, I've failed miserably with that over the past two months and shall aim to remedy that.

Debating on mining in an alt (in corp) just for the potential of baiting can-flippers, thoughts?