Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hidden Microphones

All this time I've sort of felt like I was talking in an empty room with these blog posts. I forget that there are ways to track the blog without showing as following in the blogger interface.

I took a look at the stats section of the blogger dashboard and for the first time I saw some of the traffic the blog has caught. Kirith Kodachi gave some encouragement today from the #tweetfleet and spurred my checking the stats. I had no idea there were as many hits to my blog as there are, I don't know where the microphones are hiding in this room but I'll feel less like nobody is listening now that I know they're there :)

Kinda makes me think of this XKCD comic.

My HTML skills are borderline non-existent so bear with me as I learn to properly link images and other blogs with some efficiency. Feel free to leave any tips if you have found some shortcuts to making that easier when blogging.

I are a sponge for advice

(Yah! Added first picture, I feel more intelligent suddenly)

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