Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Empire Hooliganisms

Ok, so being in a very carebeary alliance is great and all, but I have this side of me, a mean side, that just wants to get out and reek destruction on New Eden.

Thus I have created an alternate character who shall have no ties to my main's alliance, and consequently is not held back by standards, rules or morals. This character is Haunting Widow.

I've finished my learning skills (tier 1 all at lvl 5, tier 2 all at lvl 4) and am now working on combat skills. My focus is going to be stealth bombers and other missile launching goodness. This character shall serve a dual-purpose, mission-running isk for my account in order to maintain my main's position in the WH, and as a release from rules and niceties.

I have an orca alt in-training, I should be able to pilot one in a little over 5 weeks. With an orca at my fingertips, I believe just about everyone at suddenly ninja's knows what sort of advantages I'll have then with my empire hooliganisms.

Right now is the boring part, waiting for skills, getting some standings, and avoiding necessary school-related research.

My time between classes is coming to a close, I do hope I manage to keep a semi-regular cycle going soon with my blogging, I've failed miserably with that over the past two months and shall aim to remedy that.

Debating on mining in an alt (in corp) just for the potential of baiting can-flippers, thoughts?