Wednesday, November 10, 2010

iClone Lite!

For a while I haven't been looking for an iPhone/Touch app for checking skills, I've been using iClone (the full version) for some time now but if I'm just checking skills it's a bit cumbersome, takes a long time to go through its sync, and generally crashes for me :S.

Good news though! Last night I checked the apps list and lo and behold, an iClone Lite! I've already got it on with my 3 APIs. Those of you suffering severely from the loss of Capsuleer I highly recommend this app. It's not quite as intuitive as capsuleer and you might have to add some numbers to get your full queue length but it works and it doesn't take 6 minutes to sync.

Includes a map and jump planner.

When updating APIs on it using safari, stretch the select box only over the yellow text of the API, if you select the whole box like you would have done in capsuleer it will not recognize it on the clipboard, this works with both limited and full APIs, though I'm not sure if there's a point in using a full API with this one since it doesn't track assets etc.

I'm back to the grind, three presentations this week and much much more besides for the next few. Pardon my absence but a guy's gotta get edumecated!

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