Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hidden Microphones

All this time I've sort of felt like I was talking in an empty room with these blog posts. I forget that there are ways to track the blog without showing as following in the blogger interface.

I took a look at the stats section of the blogger dashboard and for the first time I saw some of the traffic the blog has caught. Kirith Kodachi gave some encouragement today from the #tweetfleet and spurred my checking the stats. I had no idea there were as many hits to my blog as there are, I don't know where the microphones are hiding in this room but I'll feel less like nobody is listening now that I know they're there :)

Kinda makes me think of this XKCD comic.

My HTML skills are borderline non-existent so bear with me as I learn to properly link images and other blogs with some efficiency. Feel free to leave any tips if you have found some shortcuts to making that easier when blogging.

I are a sponge for advice

(Yah! Added first picture, I feel more intelligent suddenly)

Eve is changing, how are you preparing?!

Incarna is just around the corner and a few weeks later on December 14th we can expect to see massive amounts of SP poured into more useful skills all around New Eden. Learning skills are going out the window!!

In CCP's latest blog they've let us know that they are removing the learning skills as they are a nuisance to new players who have to grind for a month in order to get their SP gain rate up to a reasonable level. I for one approve CCP's move as I have a relative who got tired of the learning skills in the first few weeks and left the game. I also approve because it's going to instantly give me my second orca alt :) Or something else really nice. I'm not totally settled yet on what I'm going to do, but I've got 3 accounts with 3 characters who will have more than 2mil SP to insert wherever I want to on December 14th.

As soon as I saw the blog I started training logic lvl 5 on all of my characters, I'm relatively new to the game, all toons with less than 12mil SP, so I'm int+mem mapped for all of them in favor of tackling those pesky support skills. Int+Mem means that logic is my fastest SP/hr learning skill, which will allow me to map a maximum amount of SP into my Perception and Willpower skills seeing as I want to hold off on the remap for a few more months to take care of some serious skilling.

One character I'm going to get into a T3 right away, my hauler alt.. I honestly don't know yet. If I go back to nullsec soon I may train her the last skills I need for Jump Hauler, or make her into a nice explorer for extra isk during her slow days in empire. My orca/hulk pilot... No idea on that one haha, might get them into a Battleship and run missions when not mining. The possibilities are pretty profound but... they are for everyone else too! So that bring another question.

What will happen when thousands of pilots suddenly get 1-5million "free" SP to put wherever they want? I'm expecting sudden ridiculous demands for T3 and T2 ships, carebears are going to stop flying T2 BSes and start flying marauders in their missions. More miners are going to be pimping their mining vessels with T2 crystals, and PVPers are going to get a month ahead (at least) on their long-term training goals.

Will there be enough T2 stuff for us all? I fully expect prices to go very very nuts from Dec 14th on. My advice? Buy whatever ship you're aiming for ahead of time, before the price doubles. Oh, and mine your asses off and save your ores. Noobs in Carriers are gonna give us all a lot of mineral orders to fill!!

Gotta get some school work done but I felt bad about not posting for a while. Will try to blog more after exams. Be living with my parents for a couple months after Christmas since my work will be near their home community, should allow me some time to blog.

Fly smart!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Kicking gas.. and Tengus vained.

I ask this question because I am forever finding myself so busy in EVE that I sometimes (ok often times) neglect my room, home, and studies in order to organize, help out, and make isk for plex.

Right now I'm mining gas in a neighboring WH with another corp member, between the two of us we're fielding an orca, myrm, brutix, vaga and a gila. With backup ships in the orca for salvage and fast tackle.

But wait... brb.

Wow.. what started as a slow day mining gas in our static turned into a pretty interesting event. We spotted scanner probes on dir. and loaded the miners into the orca, warped to safe and cloaked up. From here we grabbed a prober and I ran for my trust dram :) my fellow corp-mate provided me a quick warp-to and I landed and got tackle on a Tengu!!.. before backup arrived however another Tengu popped out of the WH behind the one I had tackled.. 2 Tengu vs 1 Dram.... shit.

They had tackle on me quickly and with my overview in camp mode (just WHs and Ships show) the only thing I could do quickly was burn for the WH and jump.

This was followed by me jumping around their system watching dscan and making safes while watching our statics dscan from the orca. At this point in time I'm at 46% structure and flying around without a cloak in a hostile WH lol. Now we're geared up! One Tengu pilot warps away to grab what I assume to be a disco-raven. while he's away I make a break for it past the lone tengu still guarding the WH. Success!! Dramiel is safe in our system again and we're leaving the two tengus alone. Would have made this post more interesting but the turn of events has put me much farther behind in my studies than I would like...

3 hours till our Carrier finishes building :) Extremely pumped!

Even though the pvp was something we ended up stepping away from, we still made 58mil isk each on the gas.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

iClone Lite!

For a while I haven't been looking for an iPhone/Touch app for checking skills, I've been using iClone (the full version) for some time now but if I'm just checking skills it's a bit cumbersome, takes a long time to go through its sync, and generally crashes for me :S.

Good news though! Last night I checked the apps list and lo and behold, an iClone Lite! I've already got it on with my 3 APIs. Those of you suffering severely from the loss of Capsuleer I highly recommend this app. It's not quite as intuitive as capsuleer and you might have to add some numbers to get your full queue length but it works and it doesn't take 6 minutes to sync.

Includes a map and jump planner.

When updating APIs on it using safari, stretch the select box only over the yellow text of the API, if you select the whole box like you would have done in capsuleer it will not recognize it on the clipboard, this works with both limited and full APIs, though I'm not sure if there's a point in using a full API with this one since it doesn't track assets etc.

I'm back to the grind, three presentations this week and much much more besides for the next few. Pardon my absence but a guy's gotta get edumecated!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Still at it

Life in eve is busy, unfortunately so is life in the real world, and so now I'm busy in two lives and wow does it ever put a lot on ones plate.

The Corp is doing great and we're hours away from the formation of an alliance in which our Corp is going to be one if the founding fathers. I'm looking forward to hosting more pilots and corporations in our wh operation, and I think everyone else is too.

Going stir crazy? Open a static! A few nights ago while seeking a path to empire we stumbled upon and made short work of a few faction warfare players from old man star who thought they would make some iskies in a wh.

These guys were serious wh-noobs, they may have a clear understanding of normal space tactics, but in a wh things are different. We were able to assess them, watch, travel to fit a few pew pew ships from our wh and return to find them still dinking out sites and ignoring dscan (which would have shown a dramiel, drake, and harbinger if they bothered to check it). I was in the dram and narrowed down the exact site using dscan, F11, and the solar system view. I kid you not I landed on them in the first site I warped to without using combat probes. Speed tanked the myrm and Dominix easily but the drake was slowly tearing my armor off, switched primary to the drake from the Dom and down it went! Somehow between warp out and one of our pilots missing point we lost the dom as it warped out but continued to destroy and pod the myrm pilot.

Not as good as it could have been but was just the sort of adventure we needed.

A few days later we run into a Japanese alliance who had recently taken a beating, took some pot shots at a pos in system that was offline and went back to our wh shortly after.

Doing my best to stay on top of school work and also maintain empire logistics.

Class is coming to an end, now I get to go and finish some assignments. Maybe by Friday I'll have a chance to run more ores out of the wh.

Love my iPod :)