Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Not all russians are bad

Yeah, I said it. Those Ruskies that send many-a-noob running in the opposite direction aren't as mean and scary as they are made out to be.

A few days ago my corporation and I moved out of our C4 WH. Logistics was tough and my game-time is going to take a hit come January when I start my 4 month practical within the classroom. So it was decided that we would move out and take a break from pressures of WH-Space.

On our way out, we came across a C2 that connected to our C4 static as well as to empire. We wasted no time scouting the system out and start moving parts and ships back to empire. On one of my trips through I noticed a mastadon on scan that was not there prior and decided that in one of my final days in WH-Space I would disregard the rules and speak in local. As I passed through I called out in local "Hey, we're just moving shit, not looking for a fight so won't shoot you if you are also moving things". A few minutes later I get a chat request, it opens and I get hit with some russian. It's funny that I can actually recognize russian now because before I played EVE I would not have been able to do that. So I grab for the online translator and enter into my first russian conversation over the interwebs.

As horrible as some of these websites work, getting the response "we will not shoot" is pretty darn hard to get wrong, so I figured that this is indeed what the russian had intended to communicate and so we kept moving ships and parts at pace with just a few Dscan checks while we did so. There were a few things that happened, he would ask me if x-ship was mine, I would confirm or deny and I also relayed intel to him about a cloaky that entered system from empire and that I would try and kill them if they did not belong to him etc. The conversation was very agreeable on both sides and we got a lot done.

Now, some people may think that heck he may not have been able to do anything anyways, but there was a carrier and a dread at his POS and his character was several years old with an impressive killboard, so I feel it's safe to say, he was a decent guy keeping his word.

Anyways, I've been wanting to make this post for a few days now but just haven't gotten around to it, two papers and finals to get done before monday!

Also, none of my characters are in WH-Space right now... it felt really weird to realize that as I entered Empire with the last of my toons.. it felt even more weird to close my dscan window on 3 clients.. It has literally been months since I've had that closed on all clients simultaneously, which is probably why I personally suffered zero loss of ships or pods (except when we got trigger happy and I lost a dram in a suicide rush, but I was WELL AWARE of what I was doing haha) in our home system (dram loss was 3 jumps over).

Fly safe everyone, I'm back in empire, moved to Amarr space with a few friendly corporations and are trying out the empire alliance thing. This Black Mark Alliance bit is really catching my eye though, I'll run it by the guys.

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