Thursday, June 10, 2010

Yet more changes, but very good changes!

Ever since I began traversing WHs I've thought about it as a transition and training ground for nullsec. This past week and a half has seen some interesting developments for my own characters in terms of getting me to nullsec.

Even though we have currently moved out of our WH, I like to keep tabs on it, sometimes very close tabs. One such time when I was watching the empire connection an Anathema popped it's nose in, popped back out, and popped back in.

Seems like something I would do if the WH looked interesting, I hate the idea of losing the WH so in interests of intimidation (with no grounds, talking from a covops ship) I open a convo.

Conversation went well, hinted intimidations were working out and whilst the pilot was alt-tabbed on another account, I managed to save his ass by letting him know on his other character that his first character to arrive in system was under attack by a Manticore that had also randomly shown up.

Normally in such an event I would quietly approach and loot the wreck upon explosion, laugh it off and claim responsibility for such actions (feeds the intimidation aspect, I was already talking to him from multiple accounts at this time). BUT! I was talking to him from a character who's honesty is actually something of value as I regularly deal with word-of-mouth transactions in large isk-quantity. I have my own insurance policies in place though and have never had to resort to such actions. Long story short, I was playing my diplomatic card.

Anyways, due to my being so easy to get along with, compounded with the fact that I did just save his ship from the goodness of my heart (isn't that how all eve players do it?... rofl) we've kept in contact. And my application has been accepted into his nullsec corporation!

I haven't entirely left my WH corp, I still have my industrial-drone-boater pilot as the CEO there but my combat character and combat alt-in-training are on their way to nullsec! Stasis finishes tonight and the recruiter should be on shortly after the timer runs down to accept my application. I'm pretty frigging pumped as you can imagine.

I don't know how involved I'll end up becoming in politics, but I'll take my time in terms of "taking the initiative" in my new home, I've already spotted a few of their recent recruits who need to stfu and let the big boys handle things.

Very excited about the new home! Can't wait to be that "in corp for 1 day" bait ship, mwahahahaha.

now.. back to making a presentation for rl-uni.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Diplomacy and Standings

My little devil and player is doing well for herself. The drake is proving to be a very well tanked ship as we all know and I am working on finishing the furnishings in terms of T2 fitting my whole tank.

I keep a regular watch on WHs as you can imagine with my WH-Dwellers blog, and have come across a few AAA Citizens who are looking to borrow the system to farm it out. Fine by me as long as in the future the system is indeed returned to mine and my gangs control.

Oh yes, the gang is growing :) alts and some mains from everywhere in eve, and from multiple alliances. The future looks bright, and I've been offered to roam with A-Citizens... I had to think about this for a bit, but I think I will setup a jumpclone in their stomping grounds asap and will setup a drake there for their roams.

Coincidentally, the same corp that is offering is a corp I applied to during my early days of eve, when a corp I was in fell apart from absent leadership and I sought a new home. This could be my chance to get into that new home!

I've since settled down into a couple alliances (different accounts so no known affiliations) and am pretty active in the leadership, so thinking about this AAA roaming and possible future home is a pretty big deal. I definitely want to get into null, and I'd still be able to maintain ties with one of the alliances for sure.

Just need these skills to speed up at this point so I can run out there and prove myself!

Who knows what the future holds?!