Sunday, November 14, 2010

Kicking gas.. and Tengus vained.

I ask this question because I am forever finding myself so busy in EVE that I sometimes (ok often times) neglect my room, home, and studies in order to organize, help out, and make isk for plex.

Right now I'm mining gas in a neighboring WH with another corp member, between the two of us we're fielding an orca, myrm, brutix, vaga and a gila. With backup ships in the orca for salvage and fast tackle.

But wait... brb.

Wow.. what started as a slow day mining gas in our static turned into a pretty interesting event. We spotted scanner probes on dir. and loaded the miners into the orca, warped to safe and cloaked up. From here we grabbed a prober and I ran for my trust dram :) my fellow corp-mate provided me a quick warp-to and I landed and got tackle on a Tengu!!.. before backup arrived however another Tengu popped out of the WH behind the one I had tackled.. 2 Tengu vs 1 Dram.... shit.

They had tackle on me quickly and with my overview in camp mode (just WHs and Ships show) the only thing I could do quickly was burn for the WH and jump.

This was followed by me jumping around their system watching dscan and making safes while watching our statics dscan from the orca. At this point in time I'm at 46% structure and flying around without a cloak in a hostile WH lol. Now we're geared up! One Tengu pilot warps away to grab what I assume to be a disco-raven. while he's away I make a break for it past the lone tengu still guarding the WH. Success!! Dramiel is safe in our system again and we're leaving the two tengus alone. Would have made this post more interesting but the turn of events has put me much farther behind in my studies than I would like...

3 hours till our Carrier finishes building :) Extremely pumped!

Even though the pvp was something we ended up stepping away from, we still made 58mil isk each on the gas.

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